Belt and 2015


Praise Offerings:
We have opened the gates between the worlds. We have asked the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining One’s to join us in this rite. What praise do we now bring to honor them?


Group Magic:
Our offerings have been given and accepted, our energy is at its peak, and now is a time for any personal magic or prayers that you wish to do for yourself quietly while we drum in celebration.

Great Earth Mother
We stand in awe of the bounty that you have provided,
We honro yoru power, your resilience, and your beauty
Earth Mother, we thank you

And the return:
Earth mother, we thank you for your blessings this day
May your roots grow stronger and your children flourish
Earth Mother we thank you

Hallow the Waters:
We have gifted you with offerings and sang praises in your name Aosi Si. We’ve acknowledged the kindred and invited Mananan to assist in opening the gateways between the worlds so that we may speak freely, give generously, and receive your blessings humbly. Pour your blessings within these waters so that our community may join together in reciprocity. Let us drink in the Waters of Life, may these waters flow within us and reawaken that which stirs within us all. Behold the Waters of Life!

Bardic Inspiration:
Spirits of Inspiration, you who ignite the fire within our belly, you who ignite the fire within our hearts, and you who ignite the fire within our minds. Stoke these fires today so that our words may be pure and sweet. Feed the muse that resides within us so that our work here be done in truth and honor as we celebrate spring.

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