Imbolc 2015 – Hallowed Oak Grove’s First Rite

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Opening Prayer:

We gather here today to honor the return of light through Brigids flame.  We honor the ending hours of Winter and give praise for the coming warmth.  We pray for good adventures for Hallowed Ground ProtoGrove moving forward, as we begin this journey together as a seedling.  A seedling of our hearts and minds, coming together, growing together, letting our roots run deep in this hallowed ground.


Those who distract and disorient, those who would redirect our intentions, do us harm, give us grief, or stress us out.  We offer you peppermint vodka and ask that you leave our rite in peace.  Outsiders, we ask you leave us in peace.

 Honoring Mananan

Manannan Mac Lir, Honey Tongue, you who cross between the worlds of our Ancestors, and this world.  We ask you to be honor us today with your presence, to watch over the gates between the worlds.  Manannan MacLir, we honor you!

Opening the Gates

<Singing Mananan Open the Portals>

Let the Gates be Open!

Nature Spirits

Spirits of Natures, seen and unseen.  Those whose spirits who roam the lands, spirits who swim the seas, spirits who soar the skies, spirits of feather, scale, and skin, those who exist in this world, those who exist in the otherworld, and those who walk between the worlds.  We are honored to share our blessings of the earth with you, as you share your blessings with us. We are honored to walk in balance with you, as you walk in balance with us. Join us brothers and sisters, as together we make the earth sacred ground. Nature Spirits, we honor you!

Prayer of Sacrifice

We have gifted Brigid with song, delicious smells, and X.  We have honored her as the healer, the bard, and the blacksmith.  We have prayed that moving forward, this seedling of Hallowed Ground ProtoGrove moves forth in a good way.  Now we ask, what is in store for us in the coming year as we start this adventure together.

Hallowing the Waters

As we have gifted Brigid and honored our Kindred, a gift calls for a gift.  May the blessings of x pour down into these waters so that we can go forward stronger and bound together.  Behold the Waters of Life!

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