Midsummer 2011 Earth Mother Invocation

   Earth Mother Liturgy

Help us integrate the wisdom of the Otherworld

Sacred Earth Mother, you who nourish us with your waters, who sustains us with your growth, you who protects us with the sheltered embrace of your canopy. We have gathered here today seeking wisdom from the Otherworld. To create a link from that world and this world that you so generously provide for us. May we always remember to honor you in our endeavors, today and the rest of our days as we, your children, walk in balance with you. Just as you nourish, sustain, and protect us, may we always nourish, sustain, and protect you in return.

Sacred Earth, We honor you!

Random Thoughts while I was writing the above:
I rest upon a carpet of moss, supported by an ancient stone and listening to the song of the forest. The stream trickles ever so gently, the breeze caresses and cools, the scent is thick, woodsy and damp. My four-legged son sniffs and prods at the earth, occasionally stealing a blade of grass or lapping at the flowing water. He comes over to give me a kiss and rest upon the same ancient stone that has been here since the centuries forgotten. Was it used as a form of protection 150 years ago during the civil war? Has someone died here before in the great battle?

I’m overtaken by the rich colors of the forest, that deep soothing green contrasted by the occasional bright flower. My rosemary has blossomed, the bright purple billows outwards in waves upon waves. I wish some of these bugs would not land on my skin.

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