Beltane 2011 Ancestors’ Invocation

   Ancestors Liturgy

Prayer for this High Rite: Reawaken ourselves to the old ways that we may reawaken fertility on the earth

Ancestor’s Invocation:
Wise Ancestor’s,

Those Native Ancestor’s of this land that walked before us. The Ancestor’s of our heart, our families and friends who have traveled on from this realm. And Ancestor’s of our minds, the heroes and the legends that inspired us. We come before you today in dedication with our heads, hearts, and hands to reawaken the old ways. The Old Ways of which you forged since the beginning of time, many of which have been long forgotten. We are living in a new age now where many blindfully destroy all that you have created, and all that we need to survive. But your people stand here now seeking wisdom, seeking knowledge, and seeking the Old Ways. Guide us in remembering and reawakening our ancient roots sewn within the earth, so that they may grow and flourish in the name of the kindred, and for all people to come.

Ancestors of the land, Accept our Sacrifice!
Ancestor’s of the heart, Accept our Sacrifice!
Ancestors of the mind, Accept our Sacrifice!

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