Liturgy Yule 2012


Opening Prayer:
Welcome to Yule!  This is a time for us to reflect on the past year.  The comings and goings, the happy and sad, the challenges and the blessings.  We come to celebrate together as a community.  As Friends.  We come together as one unified being, strengthening each other by our bond here tonight, and as a Grove.   We will give Honor to Thor, a protector of mankind, and to Freyja, a Goddess long associated with many facets such as love and fertility, but also as a protector of the human race.  We will ask Heimdall, the great guardian, to watch over the gates as we come together in our working here.  And those of us who wish to renew our oaths to the Grove will come together and speak as one.  So join us now in our celebration of the long night.  May all that we do here be spoken in truth and goodwill.  I bid you all hail, and welcome!

Invitation to Heimdall:
Here stands before you Yggdrasill, the axis between the worlds that connects the nine realms.  We call upon Heimdall, the gatekeeper, so we may connect the realms between the worlds.  Great Heimdall, shining one, guardian of Bifrost and he who can hear grass grow from the earth, and wool grow on the sheep.  Father of all men, we ask you to join us now to open these gates and let us walk in your light so we may journey safely.  Heimdall, Accept our Offering! (Let the gates be open!)

Invitation to Freyja:
Mighty Freyja, bright lady of the Vanir, chief of the valkyries and she who receives half of the heroes slain on the battlefield by right.  You are a patron of strong women, but you are also very generous by allowing the kin of fallen heroes to still visit them in the afterlife.  Fair Freyja, we call upon you as we come to honor you on the long night and celebrate community and strength.  May our actions and words please you as we invite you to join us in this great celebration in your honor.  Freyja, Accept Our Offering!

Praise Offerings:
We have opened the gates between the worlds. We have asked the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining Ones to join us.  We have invoked Mighty Thor, Fair Lady Freyja, and the great Heimdall watches over us.  What praise do we now bring to honor them?

Final Offering:
May all we have given here today be accepted with open arms and carried to the Shining Ones.  Mighty Thor!  Lady Freyja!   Accept Our Offerings!

Prayer of Sacrifice:
We have given gifts and praise to the Gods in hopes that they have been accepted.  Have our offerings been accepted?

Then we ask the Gods, what project should we as a Grove work on in the coming year?

Hallowing the Waters:
We have given praise and bestowed offerings before the Gods.  We have asked what we as a Grove should work on in the coming year and they have answered with words of wisdom.   Let us receive their blessings in these waters so we may go forth in their honor.  Behold the Waters of Life!

Group Magic:
Our offerings have been given and accepted, our energy is at its peak, and now is a time for any personal magic or prayers that you wish to do for yourself quietly while we drum in celebration.

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