Three Kindreds Basic Liturgy

   My Liturgy

Spirits of Nature, seen and unseen.  Those whose spirits who roam the lands, spirits who swim the seas, spirits who soar the skies, spirits of feather, scale, and skin, those who exist in this world, those who exist in the otherworld, and those who walk between the worlds.  We are honored to share our blessings of the earth with you, as you share your blessings with us. Join us now as we walk in balance with you during our work of Samhain on this hallowed ground. Nature Spirits, Be Welcome Among Us!

Hear me Mighty Dead. Those Ancestor’s who walked the land before us. Those Ancestor’s of our blood, our families and friends who have traveled on from this realm. And the Ancestor’s of our minds, the heroes and the legends that inspired us. We call you forth to join us in celebration as we honor you for your inspiration, remember you for your guidance, and revere you for your sacrifice.

[sing song]

Ancestors, Accept our Sacrifice!

Great and Sacred Shining Ones, you who guide, challenge, and give blessings. Those Gods and Goddesses whose time with us has passed, those whose time is now, and those whose time is yet to come. We honor you for all that you are and continue to be. We invite you here as we honor the many who have come before us all. Shining Ones, we honor you!


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