Lughnasadh 2010 Liturgy


The prayer for this Lughnasadh High Rite is: “Bless those who stand up to make positive change.”

My parts:

Invitation/Establishing a group mind
Crystal: Come from the mountains, the meadows, the moors;
Come from the forest the farms and the fields;
Come from the rivers, the lakes and the seas;
ALL: We come to the Well and the Fire and the Tree

Crystal: Come shapers of wood, come molders of clay, come ye who pull ore from the mines;
Come Warriors; Come Wise Ones Come ye who ride far o’er the plains;
Come families, and elders, and ye who bring notes from the strings;
ALL: We come to the Well and the Fire and the Tree

Crystal: Come with your burdens, your doubts and your fear;
Come with your prayers, your illness and grief;
Come with your hymns, your dancing and joy;
ALL: We come to the Well and the Fire and the Tree
– Author unknown

Opening Prayer:
And as we join together before the Well, the Fire, and the Tree, we come together during the time of the first harvest, the time of Lughnasadh and the Taltieanne Games, to bless those who stand up and make positive change. May our words be sweet, our hearts be pure, and our minds be as one so that we may please the Gods with what we do here this evening and receive their blessing in this Rite. Bíodh sé amhlaidh! (Bee shay owl lee)

Honoring the Ancestors:
We honor the many facets of our Ancestor’s, those of our blood; our families and friends who have passed on, those of the land; those who walked this land before us, and those of our mind; our heroes and our legends. But a particular group of Ancestor’s can and has filled the shoes of all three of those facets. The soldier’s in our family line, even generations back, who stood up to serve and protect our country. The soldier’s who walked this land before us in so many different wars, so many different revolutions, and fought to make this a free country. And those soldiers who inspire us with their devotion and sacrifices, the ones who made us weep when we heard their story of courage and valor. Those who loved our country enough to make the ultimate sacrifice. It is these Ancestor’s we honor especially tonight. Great Ancestor’s, we HONOR you!

Ancestor’s Farewell:
Great Ancestor’s, may we never forget all that you have provided, all that you have sacrificed, and all that you have taught us. Great Ancestor’s, You are NOT forgotten!

Honoring Taryn:
On this day, we have one in our gathering that we wish to honor tonight as today marks a very special Rite for them. Would Taryn please step forward.

I stealthily created this opportunity by allowing the assumption that we were honoring a new member tonight, but such is not the case.

As most of you know, this rite is Taryn’s last rite among us for a while, as she leaves for college in Scotland later this month. The Grove will certainly not be the same in your absence, and our fires will be somewhat dimmer without your presence. But a small flame will continue to burn in anticipation for your return. This flame is the one you have lit in our hearts and in your now woven history within the CedarLight. We will miss your dramatic emphasis in our rituals, your keen knowledge of Celtic lore, your fruitful sense of humor, and your glowing presence. But know that as you have become a part of us that will forever be remembered, we wish to become a part of you as well. As a symbol of this bond, we offer you a gift. Hand gift to Taryn to open in ritual.

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