Cleansing/Healing/Protection Rite Oct 15th 2011


Prayer: Protection of Pagan Folk

Earth Mother Invocation:
Earth Mother, you who sustains all of your children, you who does not judge nor do you give or take without reason. Your children gather before you today in strength and love for each other, and for the land. We seek balance and equality among ourselves, and in our relationship with you and your creatures. We honor you for these lessons that you show us every day, but many often ignore. Earth Mother, we love and honor you!

Bardic Inspiration (Brigid):
Lady Brigid, Spirit of Inspiration, you who ignite the fire within our belly, you who ignite the fire within our hearts, and you who ignite the fire within our minds. Stoke these fires today so that our words may be pure and sweet. Feed the muse that resides within us so that our work here be strong and our will be done in truth and honor.

Acknowledging the Outsiders:
To all those who seek to destroy our good work. To all those who try to distract. To all those that want to interrupt and divert. To all those that bring falsities and lies. To all those who wish to harm and manipulate. To all those who judge unfairly, who persecute without reason, and who deny the rights of others. We acknowledge that you exist, but we ask you to leave this Rite in peace so that good work can be done here today. Outsiders of this world, the otherworld, and in-between worlds, accept this sweet alcohol to sate you during our Rite.

Invoking Tailtiue:
Lady Tailtiue, Goddess of the land, Patron of this land, Foster-Mother of Lugh, great mother who cleared the lands for her people. We come before you today seeking your wisdom to protect our own people. To protect them from those that would otherwise strip away our Rite to worship you and all the Gods and Goddesses in the hearts of these people. We seek to heal the wounds of our people and purify this Sacred Grove of the negative energies that flow from outside influences. Great Goddess, watch over your people, watch over your home as we gather together in honor of what you have done, and what we work to do this evening. Lady Tailtiue, Accept our Sacrifice!

Praise Offerings:
We have opened the gates between the worlds. We have asked the Ancestors, the Nature Spirits, and the Shining One’s to join us in this rite. What praise do we now bring to honor them?

Prayer of Sacrifice:
Tailtue, Manannan, Kindred All, we have gifted you and you have accepted our offerings, speak to us now on how you will help us protect the pagan folk from those who would destroy us?

Hallowing the Waters:
We have given praise and bestowed offerings before Tailtiue, Mannanan, and all Kindred invited here today. We have asked how they will help us protect the pagan folk from those who seek to destroy us, and we received their words of wisdom. Now we drink in their blessings and wisdom from these Waters of Life. Lady Tailtiue, mother of CedarLight, Great honey-tongued Mananan, keeper of the Gates, thank you for the wisdom we are about to receive. May these waters flow within us in strength and love. Behold the Waters of Life!

Thanking Tailtiue:
Lady Tailtiue, thank you for your lessons and sharing your wisdom. We honor you for all that you have done to influence CedarLight to where she is now. Lady Tailtiue, We Thank you!

Thanking Bardic Inspiration:
Lady Brigid, thank you for your guidance and inspiration this night. May our words honor you as they were spoken, and may the flames of inspiration never fully diminish. Lady Brigid, We Thank You!

Thanking Earth Mother:
Sacred Earth, without you life could simply not exist. We are all your children, and we thank you for everything that you are and continue to be. May we walk softly and in equality with all of your children. Earth Mother, We Thank You!

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